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2012 Chrysler 200 LX Sedan




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What Can $400 Get You???

$400...What Can I get for $400?






Email to learn about what $400 can get you
  Yes, that's really me.

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The Egolf of Hendersonville VIP Services Package

Introducing the Egolf of Hendersonville 
V.I.P Customer Service Package – A $400 Value!

We’re pleased to offer this V.I.P package FREE!  Just as our thanks for considering Egolf Motors:

1.       FREE CAR HUNTING SERVICES!  Tell us in detail what you want for your next vehicle, and we'll send you pictures and descriptions of cars that match.  EVEN IF THEY AREN'T ON OUR LOT! - a $300 Value!

2.       You get a FREE VEHICLE EVALUATION based on the leading appraisal websites, with printed reports from each site - a $50 Value!

3.       You get a FREE CARFAX on all vehicles we send you, including your own - a $55 value!

4.      Our in-house financial team will search dozens of lenders to find you the best rate for your next vehicle.  Our advisors will also give you access to your credit report and FREE CREDIT SCORE. PRICELESS!

It pays to be informed!  Don’t be caught off guard the next time you go to buy a new or pre-owned vehicle.  Give yourself the best opportunity to have your most successful car buying experience ever!

To Get This Deal, Click Here!

Ed Dugas
(828) 692-8777 ext. 2134

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Blue Ridge Humane Society and Henderson County Animal Services Announce the ‘got love?’ Pet Adoption Day

       Hendersonville, N.C. – If you are looking for endless unconditional love, all you need to do is come to the ‘got love?’ Pet Adoption Day on Saturday, July 30th from 10AM to 2PM.   Both the Blue Ridge Humane Society Shelter and Henderson County Animal Shelter will have dogs and cats available for adoption.  Egolf of Hendersonville at 401 Duncan Hill Road is hosting the ‘got love?’ Pet Adoption Day event.  This event will showcase a few of the many dogs and cats at each shelter needing a loving home.  The ‘got love?’ Pet Adoption Day will be your chance to find a new four-legged member of the family that won’t ask to borrow the car, doesn’t talk back, and can be taught to mind!

       During this event, bring your pet and have it microchipped for the special rate of $20.00 by a licensed vet.  A microchip is a permanent way to identify your pet should it get lost or stolen.  Your pet must be on a leash or in a crate.  Information on low-cost spay neuter services will be available, and the County has free spay neuter services for those who qualify.  Blue Ridge Humane Society will have information on their Foster Program for individuals interested in providing temporary homes for injured animals, those recovering from surgery, or those too young to integrate in to a shelter setting.   Staff from both shelters will counsel potential adopters on finding the right animal for you or your family’s lifestyle. 
# # # #

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Egolf Charity Event to Benefit Blue Ridge Humane Society

We are excited to announce that on Saturday, July 30th, 2011, Egolf of Hendersonville will be hosting a pet adoption to benefit two of our favorite organizations, the Blue Ridge Humane Society and Hendersonville County Animal Services.

We love supporting our furry friends, and couldn't speak higher of the tireless work these two organizations do on behalf of these animals.

The event is happening from 10-2pmWe will also offer to microchip your pet for $20 (leash or crate required).  We really need to find good homes for as many of these deserving cats and dogs as we can!

We look forward to seeing you!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

We're Hiring!

Egolf of Hendersonville is looking for experienced sales professionals!

Egolf is a family-owned and operated business that has served the Hendersonville area since 1972!

If you're interested in working with great people in a fantastic atmosphere, call 828-692-8777 or submit your resume and cover letter to:

We thank you for your interest and look forward to hearing from you!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Chrysler 300 talked up by kingmaker NADAguides

We're baaaaack.... You would not BELIEVE what one publication has to say about the Chrysler 300.  

Here's a little snippet:

"The Chrysler 300 has made the leap from stylish to luxurious with chrome accents, LED lights, ambient lighting and much more. The 300 goes above and beyond your typical feature set, with heated and cooled cup holders, power rear sun shade, Blind-spot monitoring, Uconnect Touch system and rear heated seats as well as steering wheel, to name a few...

Chrysler Leads the Industry In June 2011 Growth

The good times continued for Chrysler in June, as the company led all major automakers in the US auto industry with a year-over-year growth of 30% - moving them into the third spot in vehicle sales for the month of June 2011 as they jumped over a still-struggling Toyota.

Friday, July 1, 2011

40 Years Later, the Dodge Challenger Marks a Milestone for Iowa Couple

40 Years Later, The Dodge Challenger Marks A Milestone for Iowa Couple

Hendersonville, North Carolina – You can see the pilot light of memory flicker in Judy Houdesheldt’s eyes when she shows us pictures of Betsy.

“I was driving a 1970 Chrysler LeBaron,” she explains while flipping through a photo album filled with shots of Betsy – her 1971 Dodge Challenger.  “But it was gold and boxy.  I felt like I was driving an old lady car.”

She needed to upgrade. You see, Judy had big plans for this car:

“I got her because I wanted to meet a man,” she admits with cheeky enthusiasm and a wry smile.

On July 1st, 1971, Judy took ownership of a brand new 1971 Dodge Challenger which she special ordered from a dealership in Iowa City, Iowa.  And she got exactly what she wanted:

A little over a month later, she met Chuck Houdesheldt.  They celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary next June.

For the Houdesheldt’s, Betsy has been like a member of the family.  They have dozens of pictures of her neatly organized in a scrapbook, along with all of her original paperwork.  Betsy has been shown at a number of car events, and recently placed 3rd at a show called Mopar on the Mississippi.  With their anniversary approaching, the Houdesheldt’s decided Betty needed a new companion.

That search brought them 800 miles through 6 states to Egolf Dodge, Jeep, Chrysler and RAM in Hendersonville, North Carolina.

And that’s where they first laid eyes on Ditto.

“The dealership where I ordered Betsy is still there, but has changed ownership,” Judy explains.  We visited them last year and told them we wanted to get a new 2011 just like her.  We could have ordered it, but we risked not getting it by July 1st.  The dealer inquired about a similar vehicle, but we couldn’t find one in our area.  We searched all over the country and found one in Hendersonville, NC.  We got out the atlas and realized we could drive down there and get it.”

The Houdesheldt’s sent pictures of Betsy to Egolf of Hendersonville and when Egolf said they could customize their new 2011 Challenger to look exactly like Betsy, they drove from Iowa in their trade-in to pick up Betsy’s new companion.  With Egolf of Hendersonville celebrating their 40 year anniversary a mere weeks after Betty and Chuck, everything that transpired seemed like fate.

“We put a lot of faith and trust in this process, and we were beyond thrilled with the experience.  Our salesperson Brandon Lance bent over backwards to make sure we got everything we wanted and needed.” 

Judy and Chuck joke that they would someday like to sell their twin Challengers to Jay Leno, one of the world’s foremost car aficionados.  But of course, there’s still a lot of enjoyment to be had once they take Ditto, the newest member of their family, back to Iowa.

The Egolf of Hendersonville Daily for July 1, 2011


Jeep Compass and Patriot Post Greatest Year Over Year Improvement in the Compact Crossover SUV Segment

•Compass improved 28% vs. 2010 (ranked 4th in segment, up from 17th in 2010)
- 2nd highest volume nameplate*

•Patriot improved 32% vs. 2010 (ranked 5th in segment, up from 20th in 2010)-
 - 3rd highest volume nameplate*

This improvement demonstrates Jeep’s commitment to quality and is a terrific good news story to share with Compass and Patriot shoppers. This also illustrates that buyers, who are being drawn to Compass and Patriot, are pleased with their purchase. This will have a positive impact on the brand, thus resulting in long term growth and increased loyalty.

* Honda Element #1, Honda CR-V #2, Toyota FJ Cruiser #3

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Egolf of Hendersonville Daily for June 29th, 2011


Chrysler Legal Bid to Halt 'Imported From Detroit' Merchandise Sales Falls Short, Spring Buying Boosts Home Prices in 13 US Cities, and Gamecocks Repeat as College Word Series Champions.


Catherine and her new 2011 Dodge Caliber


This is a great video we shot of Catherine and her new 2011 Dodge Caliber.  Catherine got accepted to Wake Forest and is going to be studying Spanish.  She was a little shy about being in the video, but she has an awesome new car, so I'm sure she doesn't mind showing it off a little.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Egolf of Hendersonville Videos

Check out some of our videos!

New 2013 model-year car window stickers explained

Vehicle buyers will have more and better information on things like fuel economy and cost perspective when the new 2013 model-year car window stickers hit windshields across the country.
Click here to read about how you, the consumer, will benefit and be affected by these changes.

2012 Fiat 500C: Spiffy top makes a truly smart car

Top 10 Driving Mistakes People Make

Backing up without looking, and other driving mistakes that people make can be found here.

The Egolf of Hendersonville Daily for June 21, 2011


Friday, June 17, 2011

The Egolf of Hendersonville Daily for June 17, 2011


Egolf of Hendersonville at T-Mobile on Four Seasons Boulevard

Join Egolf of Hendersonville on Friday, June 17th and Saturday, June 18th at 1908 Four Seasons Boulevard for the T-Mobile Store Grand Re-Opening Celebration.

Egolf of Hendersonville will have a Grand Cherokee Overland on display to showcase the new QR Tags we're featuring on our vehicles. 

Vehicles are a great adoption for this technology because QR codes were actually created by the automotive industry as a way to better and more quickly log parts and other inventory during the manufacturing process.

If you're not familiar with this new technology, you will be soon.  If you've read a newspaper or noticed an ad lately, you've most likely seen an imagine similar to the one above somewhere on the page.  

QR tags are starting to show up everywhere as more and more people use iphones, smartphones, and other mobile devices to access the internet for information.

QR codes work a lot like barcodes found on packaging; scan the image with your mobile device and information about the product or service will appear.  It's a really convenient and easy way to get information on the go. 

This technology, while much more popular in Japan and Europe, is catching on at breakneck speed.

Eddie Nichols with his New Car

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dodge, Chrysler Commercials Debut During Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final Between the Boston Bruins and Vancouver Canucks

I watched Game 7 of the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals between the Boston Bruins and the Vancouver Canucks last night with an interest that I can almost guarantee was shared by no other individual currently residing in Western North Carolina (though if I'm wrong, I'd love to hear about it in the comments section).

I offer one of the more unique perspectives you'll find on this game which left one city celebrating its 7th major sport's championship in 10 years, and the other with a tarnished image that had been so well cultivated following the wildly successful 2010 Olympic Winter Games.

Before delving in, I'd like to express my surprise at the Super Bowl-style commercials NBC ran during the game.  Each one was immaculately produced and, for the most part, so entertaining that I was hard pressed to change the channel.  As an employee of Egolf Dodge, Jeep, Chrysler and RAM in Hendersonville, North Carolina, I am compelled to mention the Dodge, Never Neutral commercial I saw and also a great Chrysler commercial which I can't seem to find online (if anyone knows where I can find the link, it would be much appreciated).

Anyway, I grew up in southern Maine and have been a Boston sports fan for 20 years.  While more of a baseball, basketball and football fan and less of a hockey guy, I always root for the Boston teams, no exceptions, no questions asked.  Hell or high water. Unconditional allegiance. 

Until last night.

Hockey in Vancouver is a lot like baseball in Boston, high school football in Texas, and basketball in Indiana.  In Canada, hockey transcends sport. It is so deeply ingrained in the culture that despite Vancouver's devastating 4-0 loss to Boston last night, one could safely bet there would have been some kind of riot even if the Canucks had been victorious.

Why would a guy from southern Maine, now living in North Carolina, care about the particulars of a championship losing team in a sport that is barely hanging on in the United States?

I moved to Vancouver in 2007 and lived there for almost 4 years while my wife went to the University of British Columbia.  I absolutely fell in love with the place, especially Vancouver Island.  I was there for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games, and grew to know the city inside and out.  Vancouver got a tremendous amount of press during the Olympics, so I won't bore you with the details on how it's Canada's warmest city and was voted Greatest Place to Live in the World.  It is one of the most strikingly beautiful cities in the world, albeit it riddled with homelessness, socioeconomic imbalance and other problems that plague many big cities.

Watching the game was the most surreal, bizarre and bittersweet experience I've had as a sports fan.  My Facebook has been riddled with Bruins and Canucks banter all week.  Never much of a Bruins fan, I grew to adopt the Canucks as my hockey team.  I attended a game where I got to see Mike Modano, one of the greatest American born hockey players of all time, lace up for the Dallas Stars (a 5-4 Vancouver loss).  I rooted for them during the playoffs the last two seasons and while not devastated when they lost to the Chicago Blackhawks last year, I was decidedly bummed out.

When Vancouver went down 3-0 in the second period last night, I've never in my life heard a professional sports arena so quiet.  The I-can't-believe-this-is-happening vibe emanating from Rogers Centre was the most palpable I've ever felt through a television screen.

By the middle of the 3rd period, what faint hope remained had all but been extinguished.  It was supposed to be a grand scale celebration 40 years in the making, but instead it was, just like in 1994, an American team from the Northeast hoisting the Greatest Prize in Hockey.

To their credit, most of my Vancouver friends were quick to lambast the rioters who destroyed wide swaths of Downtown Vancouver.  Friends of mine breathed teargas from riot police and watched the carnage unfold from downtown rooftops.  Some were even congratulatory of the Bruins, saying that they fought hard and deserved to win.  Rogers Centre even played Beantown staples "Tessie" and "Dirty Water" over the loud speakers, and allowed Boston to celebrate on the ice for over an hour following the game.  The Bruins remind me a lot of the San Francisco Giants who won the 2010 World Series over the Texas Rangers last fall.  They did deserve to win, and overcame a lot of adversity and long odds to win a deciding playoff game in the most hostile of locales.

Boston rallied behind the Bruins during these playoffs, as they always do when the team makes a run.  But this meant a lot more for the people of Vancouver and their fans.  I am truly devastated for their loss.  Boston wanted to win this game.  Vancouver NEEDED to win, and they didn't.  I can't imagine the burden they'll be carrying for weeks, maybe even years, to come.

The Egolf of Hendersonville Daily for June 16, 2011


2011 Jeep Lease Rates - June 2011, Trees, Power Lines Down; more than 2,000 without power after storm, and Asheville's Katie Button of Curate Restaurant Included in NYT Blog.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Top 7 Cars for New Moms

Call me biased, but I'm a real fan of #5 on this list.  To see the whole list, please click here.

Random Things - Natural Eye Photography

Seth Hobbie, Sales Consultant at Egolf of Hendersonville, took this shot over the weekend on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Seth is looking to expand his portfolio and host his work at local cafes around Western North Carolina.  Visit his website below for more photos from Seth.

Random Things - Natural Eye Photography

High Gas Prices Kept Consumers Focused on Smaller Cars

I'm a firm believer that as the price of gas goes, so does the economy.  The pre-owned market is very favorable for people looking to sell their cars, especially ones that are fuel-efficient.

What does this mean for you?  Your trade-in has never been worth more.  Your vehicle is more valuable now than it has been in years.  It would be a great time to get the most value for your vehicle!

The Egolf of Hendersonville Daily for June 13, 2011


We're having a HAIL SALE: visit for details about the savings!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Updates from our fundraiser for Blue Ridge Humane Society.

Thanks to everyone who came out in support of our fundraiser to benefit Blue Ridge Humane Society.  Everyone who came out to test drive or purchase a vehicle had money donated, in their names, for this great cause.  Thanks to Terry for coming out and shooting a video with us.

Chrysler Helps Flood and Tornado Victims in the Midwest

Historic floods and tornadoes have caused devastation to many areas across the US, especially in the Midwest.

In response to these events, the Chrysler Foundation is lending a hand.  Read the whole story here.

Ralph Nader goes up against Chrysler.

Consumer advocate Ralph Nader has some reservations about the safety of some Chrysler products.  Click here to read the whole story.

The Egolf of Hendersonville Daily for June 10, 2011

Happy Friday everyone!  Today's Headlines:  Used Car Prices, How to Win a Prize from Jeep, and Guess Who's Getting a 4 Day Work Week.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Don't Forget to Rate us on DealerRater!

Are you the proud new owner of a Jeep Liberty, Dodge Ram 1500, or Chrysler Town and Country?  Tell us about your experience with our dealership!  Your feedback is important to us, as we want to make sure you were totally satisfied with Egolf.

We want to know everything!  Yes, even if your experience was less than satisfactory, we want to know all about that, too.

Click this link to go to our DealerRater page!

The Egolf of Hendersonville Daily for June 9, 2011

 Today's Headlines:

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Update from our successful fundraiser at Bruce Drysdale Elementary School!

Thanks to all who came out to support us at our annual Drive For the Kids Fundraiser, sponsored by Chrysler.  We had 110 people come out for the test drive, and you helped raise $1100 for Bruce Drysdale Elementary School.

Thank you for your support, and can't wait to see you next year at the Spring Carnival!

Ram Trucks | Guts & Glory | Code of the West

This is a great YouTube video from RAM.  An instant classic.

Egolf Golf Tournament School Fundraiser

With a name like Egolf, we have to have a fundraiser out on the links.

Yes, we're having a golf tournament to benefit Apple Valley Middle School.

It's a 4 person (captains choice) event, and tickets are $85 per person.

The event is happening on Sat., June 11th at noon (shotgun start) at Crooked Creek Golf Club

To join or receive more info, please contact:
Michael Gates or Wade King at

Look forward to seeing you out there!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Join our FREE Chrysler BusinessLink Program!

My name is John Collins and I would like to tell you about the BusinessLink program here at Egolf of Hendersonville.

The advantages of the BusinessLink program start with a no cost enrollment (and no obligation) and progresses to a menu of benefits that can save a small business money, time and hassles when it comes to taking care of transportation needs. You do not need to purchase a vehicle to qualify for the program.
Just a few of the benefits of this FREE program are:

- Priority next-bay service by a qualified technician to solve your problem 
- Service discounts and specials available only to BusinessLink members 
- 10% discount on most parts over the counter or through service 
- Employee purchase plan, special pricing and an Egolf Motors rebate 
- Fleet discounting and rebates for business and personal vehicles

Please consider enrolling you and your company in the BusinessLink program. Simply call or email me and I will be happy to take care of all the details. There is no cost or obligation, just a commitment by Egolf of Hendersonville to earn your business everyday. 

If you are considering adding a vehicle for personal use or for your business, please give me the opportunity to provide a BusinessLink quote on any of our products.

Also, become a RIDE RATER and receive a FREE CAR WASH OR $10 GAS CARD


John B. Collins

BusinessLink Account Manager

Egolf of Hendersonville

(office) 828-692-8777 ext. 2114

(mobile) 828-243-3978

Monday, May 30, 2011

The Dodge Ram: 30 Years and Still Going Strong

I know it's Wikipedia, but there is some interesting information about the Dodge RAM found here.  I didn't realize it, but this is RAM's 30 year anniversary.  It reminds me of when I was a kid growing up on the farm and we had a 1986 Dodge Ram pickup that looked very much like the one pictured to the left.

Ironically enough, I was brought home from the hospital in a 1966 Dodge Dart and my dad used to have all kinds of Dodge vehicles when he was younger.  Dodge played a role in my life from an early age.

I know my dad always drives 20 year old vehicles, including our favorite, the 1970 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser with the bubble moon roof he had when we were kids.  We always used to say if you just tore the station wagon part off, it would look pretty good.

So my question is this:  What are some memories you have about vehicles from your youth?  Anything stand out as special or memorable? Answer in the comments section below if you have a story you want to share.

Hedge fund helps Chrysler grow in Calif.

Hedge fund helps Chrysler grow in Calif.

Dodge Durango stages an impressive comeback

Check out this great article about the new Dodge Durango.  I've had a professional walk-around of the vehicle, and this thing is sweet!

Win your choice of a 2011 Jeep Liberty, 2011 Dodge Dakota, 2011 Dodge Caravan or 2011 Chrysler Sebring

Charity cookout from 11-2pm at Egolf. Proceeds benefit the Blue Ridge Humane Society.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Chrysler brand named ‘Top Popular Brand’ in Vehicle Satisfaction Awards

·        2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee wins in ‘Premium Mid-size SUV’ category.

·        Chrysler Town & Country tops ‘Minivan’ category.
The Chrysler brand has been named the “Top Popular Brand” in AutoPacific’s 15th annual Vehicle Satisfaction Awards, said Jay Egolf at Egolf Motors in Hendersonville, NC.
In addition, two Chrysler Group vehicles, the new 2011 Chrysler Town & Country and the all-new 2011 Jeep® Grand Cherokee, won top honors in their categories in the annual survey of customer satisfaction. Town & Country won in the “Minivan” category and Grand Cherokee topped the “Premium Mid-size SUV” category.

AutoPacific’s Vehicle Satisfaction Award is an industry benchmark for measuring how satisfied an owner is with his/her new vehicle. This study by the Southern California-based automotive research firm summarizes the results of more than 68,000 new vehicle owners.

“Vehicles that score highest in the Vehicle Satisfaction Awards are delivering value and satisfaction across a wide range of attributes, performing well in 48 separate categories that objectively measures the ownership experience,” George Peterson, president of AutoPacific, said. “The new Chrysler Town & Country and Jeep Grand Cherokee demonstrate that Chrysler’s new approach to product execution is resonating with buyers.”

For 2011, every Chrysler brand vehicle is new or significantly refreshed, resulting in beautifully crafted vehicles with new powertrains, upgraded suspensions, world-class interiors and an exhilarating driving experience.

“We are honored that the satisfaction experienced by our owners with their new Chrysler vehicle has resulted in winning the ‘Top Popular Brand’ in AutoPacific’s Vehicle Satisfaction Awards,” said (Dealership Executive/Spokesperson).

“Chrysler is passionate about building vehicles that customers are proud to own, and this award, based on owner feedback, reinforces the 2011 Chrysler lineup does just that.”

Accolades continue to mount for the Jeep brand’s premium SUV, as the Grand Cherokee received the highest spot in vehicle satisfaction for the “Premium Mid-size SUV” category.
“The AutoPacific Vehicle Satisfaction Award is another important accolade for the all-new Jeep Grand Cherokee, and the 30th award the vehicle has captured,” (Dealership Executive/Spokesperson) said.

“We are delighted that consumers, as well as influential opinion leaders, are recognizing Grand Cherokee’s exceptional blend of on-road refinement, legendary real-world capability, craftsmanship, premium design, safety, efficiency and value.”

Egolf and Chrysler Help Raise Money For Local School

Mark your calendar!  On June 1, 2011, Egolf of Hendersonville will join parents and teachers at Bruce Drysdale Elementary School for a fundraiser to help raise money for the school.  This school has been hand selected by Chrysler as part of their Drive for the Kids fundraising initiative.

The event is happening Wednesday, June 1st, 2011 from 10-1pm at the Bruce Drysdale Elementary School Spring Carnival celebration.  Chrysler has sponsored this event since 1993, and has raised an estimated $3.5 million for local schools.

Parents and guests can earn a $10 contribution for the school from Chrysler by test driving the company's award winning minivan, Town & Country.  Every licensed driver 18 or older has the opportunity to earn a donation, and there's no limit on the number of times you can drive.  Egolf of Hendersonville will provide minivans and insurance for the event, and volunteers from Egolf will be on hand to help with the fundraiser.

Let's flood the streets with minivans on June 1st because there's no limit on how much Chrysler will donate!

Please call 828-692-8777 or visit for more information.

Obama to visit Chrysler Plant to Celebrate Achievement

A monumental achievement for an icon of American Industry.

Now the hard work begins for Chrysler

Now the hard work begins for Chrysler

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Egolf of Hendersonville's Ride Rater Program

Welcome Egolf Ride Raters

Visit us at 401 Duncan Hill Rd in Hendersonville and take one of our Dodge, Jeep, Chrysler or RAM vehicles for a joy ride.  Simply write a review of your experience with the vehicle and post it in the comments section below.

Tell us you're a ride rater when you come by and receive a $25 GAS CARD from Egolf Motors.

There's no obligation.  We just want your honest opinions about the vehicle, likes, dislikes, etc.

Please call Ed at 828-692-8777 ext. 2134 or email for more information.

Welcome to Egolf of Hendersonville

Greetings and welcome to the Egolf of Hendersonville blog! My name is Ed Dugas and I'm the business development manager here at Egolf of Hendersonville.

Like most businesses operating in the internet age, we at Egolf of Hendersonville have had to adapt to meet the growing technology needs of our customers.  If you don't yet know about Twitter or virtual bar codes, the next few years will be a learning experience much like the previous years that brought Google and Facebook into the public consciousness.

What does this mean for you?

For one, it means more transparency when you purchase a vehicle.  Technology has allowed consumers to be more informed and better prepared than ever and we encourage that empowerment.  It gives us the opportunity to share information and better navigate what is one of the most important purchases a person will make.  It also lets us show you who we really are: members of the community just like you. 

More importantly, it means better, more personalized service at all stages of the ownership process.  Gone are the days when the dealership could just stick you in a vehicle and send you on your way.  Salespeople and staff are adopting the roles of consultants, providing information and services from inquiry to selection to maintenance and beyond.

We'd also like you to add us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogger and and participate in our communities.  Here we offer advice, tips, promotions, news and events to our valued members that you can only find online.

We'd like to invite you to the Egolf Family and look forward to making your purchasing experience easier and more tailored to your specific needs than ever before.  It's our pleasure to serve you now and in the future.

All the best,

Egolf of Hendersonville
401 Duncan Hill Rd
Hendersonville, NC 28792