Friday, June 17, 2011

Egolf of Hendersonville at T-Mobile on Four Seasons Boulevard

Join Egolf of Hendersonville on Friday, June 17th and Saturday, June 18th at 1908 Four Seasons Boulevard for the T-Mobile Store Grand Re-Opening Celebration.

Egolf of Hendersonville will have a Grand Cherokee Overland on display to showcase the new QR Tags we're featuring on our vehicles. 

Vehicles are a great adoption for this technology because QR codes were actually created by the automotive industry as a way to better and more quickly log parts and other inventory during the manufacturing process.

If you're not familiar with this new technology, you will be soon.  If you've read a newspaper or noticed an ad lately, you've most likely seen an imagine similar to the one above somewhere on the page.  

QR tags are starting to show up everywhere as more and more people use iphones, smartphones, and other mobile devices to access the internet for information.

QR codes work a lot like barcodes found on packaging; scan the image with your mobile device and information about the product or service will appear.  It's a really convenient and easy way to get information on the go. 

This technology, while much more popular in Japan and Europe, is catching on at breakneck speed.

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