Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Join our FREE Chrysler BusinessLink Program!

My name is John Collins and I would like to tell you about the BusinessLink program here at Egolf of Hendersonville.

The advantages of the BusinessLink program start with a no cost enrollment (and no obligation) and progresses to a menu of benefits that can save a small business money, time and hassles when it comes to taking care of transportation needs. You do not need to purchase a vehicle to qualify for the program.
Just a few of the benefits of this FREE program are:

- Priority next-bay service by a qualified technician to solve your problem 
- Service discounts and specials available only to BusinessLink members 
- 10% discount on most parts over the counter or through service 
- Employee purchase plan, special pricing and an Egolf Motors rebate 
- Fleet discounting and rebates for business and personal vehicles

Please consider enrolling you and your company in the BusinessLink program. Simply call or email me and I will be happy to take care of all the details. There is no cost or obligation, just a commitment by Egolf of Hendersonville to earn your business everyday. 

If you are considering adding a vehicle for personal use or for your business, please give me the opportunity to provide a BusinessLink quote on any of our products.

Also, become a RIDE RATER and receive a FREE CAR WASH OR $10 GAS CARD


John B. Collins

BusinessLink Account Manager

Egolf of Hendersonville

(office) 828-692-8777 ext. 2114

(mobile) 828-243-3978


Monday, May 30, 2011

The Dodge Ram: 30 Years and Still Going Strong

I know it's Wikipedia, but there is some interesting information about the Dodge RAM found here.  I didn't realize it, but this is RAM's 30 year anniversary.  It reminds me of when I was a kid growing up on the farm and we had a 1986 Dodge Ram pickup that looked very much like the one pictured to the left.

Ironically enough, I was brought home from the hospital in a 1966 Dodge Dart and my dad used to have all kinds of Dodge vehicles when he was younger.  Dodge played a role in my life from an early age.

I know my dad always drives 20 year old vehicles, including our favorite, the 1970 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser with the bubble moon roof he had when we were kids.  We always used to say if you just tore the station wagon part off, it would look pretty good.

So my question is this:  What are some memories you have about vehicles from your youth?  Anything stand out as special or memorable? Answer in the comments section below if you have a story you want to share.

Hedge fund helps Chrysler grow in Calif.

Hedge fund helps Chrysler grow in Calif.

Dodge Durango stages an impressive comeback

Check out this great article about the new Dodge Durango.  I've had a professional walk-around of the vehicle, and this thing is sweet!

Win your choice of a 2011 Jeep Liberty, 2011 Dodge Dakota, 2011 Dodge Caravan or 2011 Chrysler Sebring

Charity cookout from 11-2pm at Egolf. Proceeds benefit the Blue Ridge Humane Society.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Chrysler brand named ‘Top Popular Brand’ in Vehicle Satisfaction Awards

·        2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee wins in ‘Premium Mid-size SUV’ category.

·        Chrysler Town & Country tops ‘Minivan’ category.
The Chrysler brand has been named the “Top Popular Brand” in AutoPacific’s 15th annual Vehicle Satisfaction Awards, said Jay Egolf at Egolf Motors in Hendersonville, NC.
In addition, two Chrysler Group vehicles, the new 2011 Chrysler Town & Country and the all-new 2011 Jeep® Grand Cherokee, won top honors in their categories in the annual survey of customer satisfaction. Town & Country won in the “Minivan” category and Grand Cherokee topped the “Premium Mid-size SUV” category.

AutoPacific’s Vehicle Satisfaction Award is an industry benchmark for measuring how satisfied an owner is with his/her new vehicle. This study by the Southern California-based automotive research firm summarizes the results of more than 68,000 new vehicle owners.

“Vehicles that score highest in the Vehicle Satisfaction Awards are delivering value and satisfaction across a wide range of attributes, performing well in 48 separate categories that objectively measures the ownership experience,” George Peterson, president of AutoPacific, said. “The new Chrysler Town & Country and Jeep Grand Cherokee demonstrate that Chrysler’s new approach to product execution is resonating with buyers.”

For 2011, every Chrysler brand vehicle is new or significantly refreshed, resulting in beautifully crafted vehicles with new powertrains, upgraded suspensions, world-class interiors and an exhilarating driving experience.

“We are honored that the satisfaction experienced by our owners with their new Chrysler vehicle has resulted in winning the ‘Top Popular Brand’ in AutoPacific’s Vehicle Satisfaction Awards,” said (Dealership Executive/Spokesperson).

“Chrysler is passionate about building vehicles that customers are proud to own, and this award, based on owner feedback, reinforces the 2011 Chrysler lineup does just that.”

Accolades continue to mount for the Jeep brand’s premium SUV, as the Grand Cherokee received the highest spot in vehicle satisfaction for the “Premium Mid-size SUV” category.
“The AutoPacific Vehicle Satisfaction Award is another important accolade for the all-new Jeep Grand Cherokee, and the 30th award the vehicle has captured,” (Dealership Executive/Spokesperson) said.

“We are delighted that consumers, as well as influential opinion leaders, are recognizing Grand Cherokee’s exceptional blend of on-road refinement, legendary real-world capability, craftsmanship, premium design, safety, efficiency and value.”

Egolf and Chrysler Help Raise Money For Local School

Mark your calendar!  On June 1, 2011, Egolf of Hendersonville will join parents and teachers at Bruce Drysdale Elementary School for a fundraiser to help raise money for the school.  This school has been hand selected by Chrysler as part of their Drive for the Kids fundraising initiative.

The event is happening Wednesday, June 1st, 2011 from 10-1pm at the Bruce Drysdale Elementary School Spring Carnival celebration.  Chrysler has sponsored this event since 1993, and has raised an estimated $3.5 million for local schools.

Parents and guests can earn a $10 contribution for the school from Chrysler by test driving the company's award winning minivan, Town & Country.  Every licensed driver 18 or older has the opportunity to earn a donation, and there's no limit on the number of times you can drive.  Egolf of Hendersonville will provide minivans and insurance for the event, and volunteers from Egolf will be on hand to help with the fundraiser.

Let's flood the streets with minivans on June 1st because there's no limit on how much Chrysler will donate!

Please call 828-692-8777 or visit www.egolfmotors.com for more information.

Obama to visit Chrysler Plant to Celebrate Achievement

A monumental achievement for an icon of American Industry.

Now the hard work begins for Chrysler

Now the hard work begins for Chrysler

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Egolf of Hendersonville's Ride Rater Program

Welcome Egolf Ride Raters

Visit us at 401 Duncan Hill Rd in Hendersonville and take one of our Dodge, Jeep, Chrysler or RAM vehicles for a joy ride.  Simply write a review of your experience with the vehicle and post it in the comments section below.

Tell us you're a ride rater when you come by and receive a $25 GAS CARD from Egolf Motors.

There's no obligation.  We just want your honest opinions about the vehicle, likes, dislikes, etc.

Please call Ed at 828-692-8777 ext. 2134 or email egolfmotors@gmail.com for more information.

Welcome to Egolf of Hendersonville

Greetings and welcome to the Egolf of Hendersonville blog! My name is Ed Dugas and I'm the business development manager here at Egolf of Hendersonville.

Like most businesses operating in the internet age, we at Egolf of Hendersonville have had to adapt to meet the growing technology needs of our customers.  If you don't yet know about Twitter or virtual bar codes, the next few years will be a learning experience much like the previous years that brought Google and Facebook into the public consciousness.

What does this mean for you?

For one, it means more transparency when you purchase a vehicle.  Technology has allowed consumers to be more informed and better prepared than ever and we encourage that empowerment.  It gives us the opportunity to share information and better navigate what is one of the most important purchases a person will make.  It also lets us show you who we really are: members of the community just like you. 

More importantly, it means better, more personalized service at all stages of the ownership process.  Gone are the days when the dealership could just stick you in a vehicle and send you on your way.  Salespeople and staff are adopting the roles of consultants, providing information and services from inquiry to selection to maintenance and beyond.

We'd also like you to add us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogger and DealerRater.com and participate in our communities.  Here we offer advice, tips, promotions, news and events to our valued members that you can only find online.

We'd like to invite you to the Egolf Family and look forward to making your purchasing experience easier and more tailored to your specific needs than ever before.  It's our pleasure to serve you now and in the future.

All the best,

Egolf of Hendersonville
401 Duncan Hill Rd
Hendersonville, NC 28792